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Expected to ship by end of June to beginning of July

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Insanity Golf provides top-of-the-line smart follow me electric golf carts that automatically follow you, allowing you to save energy on the course. 

  • Conquer the most complex of courses and walk on slopes up to 35 degrees without overturning.
  •  A large-capacity lithium battery can complete at least 36-45 holes without interruption.
  • Intelligent automatic follow mode and one-button call back.
  •  USB port for any electronic device charging.
  •  The mobile APP can display and monitor the operating data of your caddy.

Insanity Golf EgoCaddy - Smart Follow Me Electric Golf trolley

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  • Foldable design with durable light-weight aluminum frame and wrapped with carbon fiber, high-end appearance


    36-45 Holes long range lithium battery 


    3 Different Modes:

    1. Accurate Smart Follow Mode: The best following mode you have ever experienced. Make you to enjoy walking and shoot better score

    2. Remote Control Mode

    3. Manual Push Mode


    Smart Engine: Auto-balancing, Slope and speed control


    Use Egocaddy Mobile App:

    1. Control and monitor the cart

    2. Check battery levels

    3. Mileage Remaining

    4. Change cart walking speed

    5. Change following distance

    6. Gravity Control Feature: Makes it more fun to use your phone to  control the cart       

    7. Egocaddy APP is available both on IOS and Android                                                                         

    Swing Recorder: Use remote control to record swing with slow motion playback.


    Remote Controller: Fun somatosensory remote controllable.​


    2 Swivel front wheels with brakes


    Monitor and Make Advanced Setting: Customize your own Ego Caddy Electric Golf trolley.​


    Accessories Included:

    - Free Score Card Holder

    - Free Tees and Balls storage

    - Free Large Drink Holder

    - Free Umbrella Holder

    - USB Port

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